Welcome to FitOne Personal Training/Boot Camps

My name is Damon (DFit1) Smith and your Health, Wellness, and Fitness lifestyle is my number one priority. I believe that if you adhere to the principles that I espouse and have in store for you, then you’ll see your Hopes and Goals fulfilled right in front of your eyes via a Healthy Lifestyle, not some fad diet. With my vast array of knowledge in Personal Training, Nutrition, Overall Wellness, and even specialty areas such as Pageant/Model/Figure/Bikini/and Athlete training, the choice to get in shape and live Healthier is easier than you realize.

If you’re ready to feel, live, and look better, then this is the program for you!  Contact me ASAP, so we can set up a one-on-one consultation to discuss your areas of interest, whether that’s just to be healthy and function at your highest optimal level, or if you’re striving to take your Beauty and Body to the Stage or Athletic Field.  Always remember that the right combination of strength training(Anaerobic), cardiovascular exercise(Aerobic), and most importantly proper nutrition, are the 3 keys to achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

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